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First of all, I'm sorry for my bad English. :q
I want to inform that the developers are very lax with the game, the game is very unbalanced, very p2w, pvp system on any map is very bad, among other problems. I will put here some problems that occurred to me during my playing time. 1. Bug of me clicking to walk to one side and the character going to the other: I don't know if it happens to everyone, but for me it is VERY annoying that, it happens on the computer, on the cell phone I don't know (sorry);
2. Apparently some NPC options don't work;
3. Game does not explain much about many things: how to make wings for exam*****nd etc;
4. Storage too small, I can't store almost ANYTHING on it. And you need to buy with gems to release only 7 slots, I think that's pretty bad;
5. game very p2w and unbalanced as i said, if you want to be stronger than everyone, buy it. it should be balanced between helping the company and becoming a big player in the game just by buying gems;
6. Bug of the game being in another language, sometimes I get in and there are many things that are in another language that I get lost. And some dialogues are poorly translated;
7. The pvp system anywhere is very boring, some high level players come and kill me from NOTHING, besides I lose some of my money;
8. Blue quality items are very cheap to sell, it is very difficult to collect coins in the game, I think it should be at least 100 coins;
9. The items that I charm have the same price as an item without enchantment, this is ridiculous, I spend more than 20k on enchantment to sell for 300 coins, ridiculous;
10. Purple quality items at the same price as gold ones, should be more expensive as they are more difficult to find. Well, those were the things I was able to remember to report here, the game has all its potential but the developers are lax with the game. (sorry for say it devs :x). If you found another problem with the game, comment. Please show this post to the administrators.
2021-04-08 09:48:19
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