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hello teamobi! its me teck15 once again!..
I know its been awhile! but I come here today for a new update I had in mind for Ngoc rong online!

nothing much, but I would like it very much if yall would add private zones for your game!...
what is this private zone you may ask? the private zone is an area that you and your clan can join and other players that is not in your clan can not join!
I have had this idea in mind for a long time now but I just wanted you all to know! the private zone should have some sort of pássword that you or your clan members can make in game to join the private zone.
I strongly would also like for the private zone to spawn bosses just as normal zones do to, so that you and your clan can complete quests!
I believe the private zone update will not only benefit for quest completion but also for training your chararacter and disciple!
I hope atleast one of you guys will see this post of mine and if you see some one else with this idea..
thank you guys for understanding and have a good day/night...GO TEAMOBI!!!!
2019-06-12 01:03:47
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Like ........
2019-06-12 09:43:55
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private zone for the win.
2019-06-12 11:19:55
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Tech15 yes you are right
While i was having a clan quest a more powerfull guy was just bullying us so we were unable to finish our quest that update will be good for us
2019-06-12 11:28:18
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yes indeed! the private zone will make things much more efficient and less time consuming
2019-06-12 23:46:38


okay dude lets think of it
first is there any thing for free in dbo? or in any teamobi games? NO, you need to top up to get better so yh private zone will cost alot to make
2nd since your zone can have bosses spawns in it that also means other will have problems to reach the boss you know you arent the only one who want to kill the boss and need its loot and quest
3rd the game is made to know more peo*****nd make friends so it wont be boring can you tell me what the point of having a zone to train yourself or disciple since you can,however you will get killed by silly players but not all of them like that,its pointless dude
the idea is horrible i dont think they will do it :/
2019-06-13 01:54:13


It doesn't hurt to try lmao.
2019-06-13 03:00:42