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Connection problem
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Seal of Star
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Missing wings
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Avatar World
Whether you meet friends in the park, work on your farm, fly to Hawaii or go fishing, this is the place to find the latest news and features directly from the AVATAR WORLD team!
Ninja School World
Ah young warriors... the secrets of a thousand ancient masters have been passed down, collected and stored here for safe keeping. You are wise to visit here often to learn about current events and secret tips that will help you on your journey.
Mobi Army World
Man the battle stations! No round of Mobi Army is every the same, so every turn can change depending on the actions of you and your opponents. Whether you prefer man to man or team vs team, this is the best place to learn more about special weapons, secret techniques and strategies that will help you blast your opponents into oblivion.
Knight Age (Beta)
To become a great knight, every young squire is required to explore the world, to help the weak and to support good in the conquest of evil. While the journey ahead is filled with danger, isn’t it comforting to know there is a place where everyone will know your name and always be glad you came?!? This is that place, so kick off your shoes, rest a spell and look to uncover the valuable (and not so valuable) knowledge left by your fellow players that have travelled the road before you in Knight Online.
Dragon Boy
Dragon Boy World is a tribute to one of the most greatest manga stories of all-time, allowing players to join forces with the most popular characters to re-live their most exciting adventures.
Avatar Musik
Whether its dancing, fashion, or chatting with friends, Avatar Musik provides a little bit of everything. This is a great place to meeting other music lovers and discuss special in-game events.
XForce Online
On the battlefield, its good to know friends have your back. This is a good place to find those friends for XForce Online.
The Age of Pirates is here... are you ready to explore the open seas?
Fan Art
Teamobi Got Talent! Show the world some of your cool drawings or pixel art!
Cafe Chat
A great place to meet and talk with new friends around the world
Un gran lugar para conocer y hablar en español con nuevos amigos alrededor del mundo